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History and philosophy

The history and philosophy of Taekwondo have shaped this martial art century after century. The following two articles will tell you a little more about its origins! Have a good reading


Taekwondo is a Korean martial art whose name can be translated as:

The way of the foot and fist

(Tae: kick – Kwon: punch – Do: way, spirit)

The philosophy of Tae Kwon Do and Korean Martial Arts that we practice is based on five elementary principles, these five precepts that react to the life of all Taekwondoists. Based on what is called “The Ethics of Taekwondo” The values of Taekwondo.

Yé Eui: courtesy, politeness, modesty.
Yeum Tchi: loyalty, integrity, sense of honour.
Inn Né: perseverance.
Geuk Ki: self-control, respect, courage, sacrifice.
Bek Jeul Boul Goul: fighting spirit, indomitable spirit, unwavering firmness.

The history of Taekwondo is closely linked to the history of Korea.

In the 6th century, the “Hwarangdo” movement was formed, based on the study of martial arts and Buddhism. This “school of thought”, intended for young aristocrats, remains a source of inspiration in the conduct of Taekwondo teaching.

Taekwondo is both the result of a long martial tradition and the work of one man, General Choi Hong Hi, who officially created it on April 11, 1955, after a long work of development and unification of the various Korean martial arts schools.

The late 1960s saw the global expansion of Taekwondo. It was introduced to Canada and Quebec by Grand Master Chong Lee, in Montreal itself, in 1964, and arrived in France with Grand Master Lee Kwan Young in 1969 and has been developing ever since.

Taekwondo is booming all over the world (more than 180 countries): a demonstration sport at the Olympic Games in Seoul (1988) and Barcelona (1992), it has been an Olympic discipline since the Sydney Games (2000).

More details on the history of Taekwondo:

Page histoire et philosophie portrait du Grand Maître Chong Lee Pionnier du taekwondo au canada
Grand Master Chong Lee Taekwondo pioneer in Canada
Page histoire et philosophie portrait Grand Maître Lee Kwan Young Pionnier du taekwondo en France
Grand Master Lee Kwan Young Pioneer of Taekwondo in France

"A healthy mind in
a healthy body"

Taekwondo is an unarmed defense that uses techniques such as kicking, punching, jumping, blocking, dodging and moving. The whole body is the only weapon used. More than a physical battle, the martial art aspect represents a way of thinking and a way of life that includes ethics and discipline.
Taekwondo has several million followers in several countries. It can be a sport, an effective self-defense technique and mental discipline accessible to people of all ages. The practice of Taekwondo helps to develop a better balance of body and mind, increases flexibility, reflexes, strength, and modifies muscle structure. It also helps to develop discipline, patience and humility. Taekwondo is also perceived as a high-performance, attractive and spectacular competitive sport, now accepted at the Olympic Games.

Among the many benefits of taekwondo practice, the concentration necessary for the success of the techniques promotes the development of a mental discipline. The self-confidence obtained confronts us with the challenge of humility. These qualities have positive effects on behaviour. In general, the follower is modest. Generous with the less efficient, it is capable of sustaining an attack. However, its code of ethics prohibits any injustice and any excessive use of skills. Thus, discipline, self-confidence and modesty combined with acquired physical skills describe the ideal follower.
He did not invent the following proverb: “A healthy mind in a healthy body”; but he demonstrates its truth and is a living model. Such an individual is certainly an asset for the people around him and for society. Realizing that our children are the future’s future and that by allowing them to grow up in such an environment, we create and positively influence our future reality, allows us to measure the impact of this humble tool on the functioning of our society, which is in great need of refreshing its human values.

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