Our Team

coup de pied de fille a cote d'une caligraphie de taekwondo

Our Team

We are proud to introduce our team at Monrose Taekwondo Academy. Not only do they combine expertise and experience, but they also work together to achieve your objectives. Moreover, the success of a project depends essentially on the involvement of the people who carry it out. As a Taekwondo enthusiast, our team will deliver measurable results that exceed your expectations.

The Monrose Taekwondo Academy Team

portrait du membre équipe grand Maître Raymond Mourad - Directeur et superviseur technique

Grand Master Raymond Mourad - Director and Technical Supervisor

First of all, Grand Master Raymond Mourad is 8th dan in Taekwondo with over 40 years of experience. In addition, he has been 13-time national champion and world medallist. He was also the coach of the 2006-2007 Canadian national team. Currently Technical Director of the Quebec Federation, he plays a crucial role in the development of high-performance Olympic taekwondo. So his dojang is literally a champion "factory".

portrait du membre équipe cofondateur et intructeur de taekwondo benjamin monrose

Benjamin Monrose - Founder of Monrose Taekwondo Academy and Lead Instructor

Practicing since the age of five, Taekwondo is a tradition from father to son (and daughters) in the Monrose family since the early 1990s. Benjamin has an international competitive level with several provincial champion titles to his credit in France and has been teaching since graduating as an instructor in 2008. The accumulated experience and strength of his charisma make him a perfect ambassador in the martial art of traditional Taekwondo.

Sandra de Montigny monrose taekwondo montreal_2

Sandra de Montigny - Head of the Finance Department

A high-flying businesswoman and mother of a large family, Sandra, a model student of Maitre Mourad since 2010, is committed to offering us her help and expertise in the management of our academy

portrait d'une membre équipe de monrose taekwondo academie lyla bussieres

Lyla Bussières - Assistant Instructor - Human Resources and Organizational Development Manager

With 18 years of experience, Lyla, a national and international competitor who is younger, shares and transmits her experience and expertise in taekwondo with joy and good humour, the latter two are very characteristic of her! She also strengthens our team by bringing her professional expertise to the academy.

portrait d'un membre équipe de monrose taekwondo academie jonathan rinaldi

Jonathan Rinaldi - Marketing Communication Manager

High level athlete in rowing, Jonathan wishing to become an expert in martial arts has trusted our academy and thanks us by strengthening our team with his professional experience

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